Alex Haslehurst


Alex Haslehurst

Software Developer

Alex Haslehurst

Software Developer

Hi, I'm Alex, a software developer with over 10 years experience across many industries, platforms and within government.

I have led multiple teams and delivered many full stack projects from design to production. I have a strong background in mathematics, statistics and data science, which has accelerated my career through some really interesting and complex projects. Most of all, I enjoy designing simple, scalable solutions to complex problems in an agile team. I like wearing shorts, running and retro gaming. I have over 650 stars on GitHub.


Great architecture

I am a tech leader, I have designed, lead and delivered many successful, agile projects on modern and legacy infrastructure.

Great code

I can bring my tried & tested experience of building simple solutions to complex problems with quality assurance at each step of the testing pyramid.

Security first

I have experience deploying enterprise single-sign-on across legacy, modern and third party platforms.


Let me demonstrate that a decent continuous deployment pipeline can build the confidence needed to bust the common "we don't deploy on Fridays" policy!


Lean, isolated microservices built by autonomous teams on top of modern tooling such as Spring Boot, ASP.NET and Express are my bread & butter.


I'm happy to work with any public cloud, infrastructure as code and serverless application framework. I have designed and developed cloud native applications at scale.

Modern UI

I've seen browser apps from design through to production with each of the big three SPA frameworks. I like to choose the most appropriate for the project and team, rolling server side rendering or even a native app where required.

Big data

I have developed machine learning at scale with open source tools like Apache Cassandra, Spark and Kafka. My strong background in statistics means I am equally confident in the development of custom algorithms as I am with dropping in off-the-shelf solutions.


Whether it's an IE6 era, overambitious JQuery UI, a creaking monolith deployed to VMs or even some native desktop app, I'm happy to bring my experience to help you tame your legacy estate, or maybe tear it down!


I am lucky to have worked with most of the leading relational and NOSQL DBMS over the last 10 years. I have helped migrate from bare metal to the cloud multiple times and worked on optimising some extremely difficult data access patterns.


I try to diversify my platform experience but prefer, in no particular order: JDK (incl. Kotlin, Scala, Gradle, Spring), .NET Core/5+, Node.js and the (modern) browser. I'm looking to improve my Go, Rust and C++ skills. I seem to be avoiding the python & PHP platforms but am open to anything that involves learning new stuff!


I have a high level of government clearance, please contact me for details. I have worked in government digital teams to integrate with legacy monoliths and bring new services through alpha, beta and live phases. I have extensive experience with GDS and UI development.


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