Alex Haslehurst



Hi, I'm Alex, a software developer with over 10 years experience across many industries, platforms and within government.

I have led multiple teams and delivered many full stack projects from design to production. I have a strong background in mathematics, statistics and data science, which has accelerated my career through some really interesting and complex projects. Most of all, I enjoy designing simple, scalable solutions to complex problems in an agile team. I like wearing shorts, running and retro gaming. I have over 650 stars on GitHub.


Java, Kotlin, Scala, Spring, Gradle, Maven, Hibernate
C#, .NET Framework, .NET Core, EntityFramework, ASP.NET, VB, WCF, MVC
Typescript, Nest.js, TypeORM, Bookshelf
React, Next.js, Angular, Vue.js, Android, iOS, Cordova, Bootstrap, JQuery, GDS
AWS, Lambda, Serverless, SAM, Terraform, RDS, DynamoDB
Kubernetes, Rancher, Docker, PowerShell, GitHub Actions, CircleCI, AWS CodePipeline
Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB
Big Data
Cassandra, Kafka, Spark, Datastax Enterprise


Senior Software Developer
@MoJ D&T


I joined MoJ digital as a senior developer, looking to broaden my experience of working with enterprise scale applications, with thousands of users that have diverse accessibility needs. I also took on a tech challenge at MoJ having less experience with their tech stack and no experience working with Government Digital Service frameworks. I have been technical lead on multiple projects, which have been released through alpha, beta and live phases. I have integrated with legacy monolithic applications and supported a general strategy for modern platform migration. Much of my work is available publicly on GitHub.

Senior Software Developer

JAN 2020 - FEB 2021

IN-PART provides a digital partnering platform connecting university research with industry R&D. Virtually all technology at IN-PART was new to me in a commercial context including React, next.js and Node.js (at scale). I saw the move as a challenge and learning experience coupled with validation of my processes and knowledge against a team with far more experience than me in their chosen technologies. I assumed the role of security and data platform expert, leading on the architecture of OIDC and serverless data processing pipelines across the platform.

Senior Software Developer
@Westfield Health

JAN 2018 - JAN 2020

Westfield Health is a not-for-profit provider of contributory health schemes and health & wellbeing services in the process of migrating many legacy business processes online. I provided technical leadership for a feature team responsible for multiple microservices and relevant domain ownership. I also led decisions that directed the platform as a whole and distributed processes, training and libraries to build conformance across all teams. I became the primary contact and technical owner for all things security, platform, serverless, UX/client technologies and mobile development.

Senior Software Developer
@t-mac Technologies

NOV 2015 - JAN 2018

At t-mac, I provided technical leadership for a big data, machine learning & analytics team responsible for processing IoT time series data at scale, presenting analytics onto customer dashboards and providing automated insights into portfolio performance. I led the project to architect the platform that supported all of this, which was built from technologies such as Cassandra, Spark and Kafka. I used primarily Scala based JDK software to deploy a mixture of custom and off-the-shelf machine learning algorithms at scale. I also worked across the web stack including .NET Core on Docker Swarm with Angular on the front end.

Software Developer

MAR 2014 - NOV 2015

Alpharooms is an online travel agent with a stack built with .NET Framework, SQL Server and MongoDB and based on a service orientated architecture. Major challenges were operating efficiently at scale on AWS, maintaining SEO performance, managing asynchronous, external processes at scale and presenting everything with a UX aligned to maximising revenue. Whilst much of the technologies and packages I used at Alpharooms are becoming obsolete, the skills I picked up have been extremely valuable.

Software Engineer

DEC 2012 - MAR 2014

I took my first software development job in a multi-disciplined team at Technolog, an electronics manufacturer in the utilities industry. I worked primarily with the data infrastructure that supports a network of data loggers and automatic meter reading systems.

Statistical Analyst

JUL 2010 - DEC 2012

I started my career as an Analyst at Experian Decision Analytics. At Experien I realised that what little software development I was responsible for was what kept me driven and set me apart from my peers. This responsibility was slowly taken away from me as I progressed, pushing me to move to software development full time.

Mathematics (1st Class Hons)
@Sheffield Hallam University

SEP 2006 - JUL 2010

Including self enrolled placement year at Experian Decision Analytics. Received an award for my outstanding achievement and had my final year project, a machine learning piece, exhibited at the university.


  • Great architecture

    I am a tech leader, I have designed, lead and delivered many successful, agile projects on modern and legacy infrastructure.

  • Great code

    I can bring my tried & tested experience of building simple solutions to complex problems with quality assurance at each step of the testing pyramid.

  • Security first

    I have experience deploying enterprise single-sign-on across legacy, modern and third party platforms.

  • DevOps

    Let me demonstrate that a decent continuous deployment pipeline can build the confidence needed to bust the common "we don't deploy on Fridays" policy!

  • Microservices

    Lean, isolated microservices built by autonomous teams on top of modern tooling such as Spring Boot, ASP.NET and Express are my bread & butter.

  • Cloud

    I'm happy to work with any public cloud, infrastructure as code and serverless application framework. I have designed and developed cloud native applications at scale.

  • Modern UI

    I've seen browser apps from design through to production with each of the big three SPA frameworks. I like to choose the most appropriate for the project and team, rolling server side rendering or even a native app where required.

  • Big data

    I have developed machine learning at scale with open source tools like Apache Cassandra, Spark and Kafka. My strong background in statistics means I am equally confident in the development of custom algorithms as I am with dropping in off-the-shelf solutions.

  • Legacy

    Whether it's an IE6 era, overambitious JQuery UI, a creaking monolith deployed to VMs or even some native desktop app, I'm happy to bring my experience to help you tame your legacy estate, or maybe tear it down!

  • Data

    I am lucky to have worked with most of the leading relational and NOSQL DBMS over the last 10 years. I have helped migrate from bare metal to the cloud multiple times and worked on optimising some extremely difficult data access patterns.

  • Polyglot

    I try to diversify my platform experience but prefer, in no particular order: JDK (incl. Kotlin, Scala, Gradle, Spring), .NET Core/5+, Node.js and the (modern) browser. I'm looking to improve my Go, Rust and C++ skills. I seem to be avoiding the python & PHP platforms but am open to anything that involves learning new stuff!

  • Government

    I have a high level of government clearance, please contact me for details. I have worked in government digital teams to integrate with legacy monoliths and bring new services through alpha, beta and live phases. I have extensive experience with GDS and UI development.